iPhone 12 could be delayed

Tech analyst and YouTuber Jon Prosser, who has previously had a very good track record with Apple leaks and rumors, Tweeted today stating the following:

Though supply chain is improving, the iPhone 12 will still likely be delayed. Prototyping for iPhone 12 isn’t even done yet. It requires execs from Apple travel to China, and due to travel bans, they haven’t been able to finalize.

Jon Prosser
iPhone 12 Pro Max concept from Ben Geskin

He then went on to state that we should expect iPhone 12 in October/November, and mentioned “Mass production for iPhone 12 is scheduled for May (per usual) but it’s just not going to make it. Regardless of production, Apple is still (already) ~2 months behind schedule with iPhone 12.”

Prosser has previously leaked a canceled March event, COVID-19 employee memo, and US Apple Store closures all this month, among other things. Prosser also rates leaks based on how reliable his source has been in the past using toilet paper rolls, and has rated this one 5/5, meaning that the source has been 100% accurate in the past.

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