[UPDATED] Rumor: iPad Air with in-screen Touch ID, Apple game controller and AirPods ‘Lite’ coming

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A Twitter account that goes by the name @L0vetodream has recently shared predictions of unreleased Apple products, many of which haven’t yet been discussed by other leakers.

Apple will seemingly use Touch ID under the display in the fourth-generation iPad Air, expected for release at the end of this year or in Q1 2021. It will also have a larger, ‘full screen’ 11-inch display, larger than the 10.5″ on last year’s model, which could be why Apple wants to make the move to a new form of Touch ID. Take this with a grain of salt, however.

UPDATE: A new report from China Times suggests again that a new 11-inch “low cost iPad Air” is coming, but doesn’t mention in-screen Touch ID.

He also suggests Apple will release its own game controller for use with Apple Arcade on Apple TV, iPhone, iPod and iPad. At the moment, Apple relies on users to pair their own Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, so it makes sense for the company to compete, and it will go hand-in-hand with the Arcade gaming service.

A future iPad Pro with a mini LED display is predicted, and corroborates previous reports. It will likely have 5G, and be released next year.

The tweet also suggests some other products. The iPhone 9 (released as SE) is already available, but HomePod ‘Lite’ and AirPods ‘3 Lite’ are new on the list. In terms of AirPods, they’re likely mid-range, PowerBeats competitors, or simply refreshed AirPods. These could be announced this Summer. The HomePod Lite (naming likely wrong) will possibly be a cheaper and smaller version of the original HomePod, in a move from Apple that will attract more people to purchase the smart speaker.

Other products expected are:

  • 10.2-inch iPad successor with A12 chip
  • AirTags
  • Apple TV 6
  • iMac refresh
  • MacBook 12″ with ARM
  • AirPods X
  • iPhone 12 Lite, 12, 12 Pro & Pro Max

We’ll keep you updated with advancements in these leaks. Keep in mind that the naming and branding of these products is likely wrong (‘iPhone 9’?) but the general information could be correct.

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