Instagram testing major UI updates

Instagram testing bolder icons and larger headings (Image: Apple TLD)

Facebook is rolling out major changes the user interface of the Instagram app in a bid to encourage users to interact with its Shop and Reels features.

As previously announced, the company is testing numerous user interface designs that alter the tabs on the navigation bar and header. Some users report seeing the Shop and Reels tabs replacing the Post and Activity buttons, with these being moved to the top of the app. Others claim the Post button has been moved to the profile page.

Apple TLD has now seen that Instagram is testing improved iconography and larger fonts around the app. Along with a tweaked navigation bar UI, icons have been emphasised and boldened (but made smaller) and titles have been enlarged.

Instagram is testing a relocated notifications option (Video: Ash Saba)

The Stories interface has seen minor adjustments to the size, increasing the visibility of the thumbnails but decreasing the number of stories you can see in the row at one time.

As revealed by this video sent by Ash Saba, Instagram is trialling a new button to quickly mute or unmute notifications from a user. Tapping on the icon reveals an interface where you can choose to enable notifications for Live video, stories and posts.

Let us know if you see any major changes to the Instagram app!

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