UPDATED: Instagram rolling out Suggested Posts, bringing content you don’t want to your feed

Update: Instagram’s head of product, Julian Gutman says “this really came from a vision a couple years ago around people really seeing feed as a place for their interests, and with the improvement in machine learning and our ability to kind of make it easier for you to see some more of those posts that are on Instagram every day, and really bring that personalized relevance to you”

Instagram is rolling out a new ‘Suggested Posts’ feature that recommends posts from people you don’t follow right in your feed.

After you’ve browsed through all new posts at the top of your feed, Instagram will display a ‘caught up’ message (this itself has been around for a few years) and suggest posts it thinks you may be interested in. This content is based around who you follow and what you interact with on the platform.

Author’s Opinion

This move isn’t good – nobody wants content from people they aren’t interested in or don’t want to follow in their feed. It’s simply a way to increase platform activity and will likely entice people, keeping people addicted to Instagram

It’s clear the move is to keep people on Instagram, where app usage will almost certainly increase and improve advert visibility. Like other changes to the feed over the years, this isn’t one you can disable.

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