Instagram rolling out new Stories UI with vertical and smart navigation

It’s been no secret that Instagram has changed up the Stories interface with new tools, modes and icons since its launch. Up until now, the look has generally been the same, with scrolling on the bottom for different camera modes. Instagram is now rolling out a new UI for Stories that ditches this style altogether (via Apple TLD’s Ben Ward).

Users who have received the update have been met with a message explaining what’s new. The tabs, which were previously on the bottom, for Create, Boomerang, Layout and other modes, have been relocated to the left hand side, with icons next to their name.

Create, Boomerang and Layout are on view by default, but Instagram says this new UI “adapts to you” and the camera “learns your favourite tools” so will keep features you use at the top of this side menu.

It’s easier to switch between a Live and Story, with those two tabs still on the bottom. Everything else remains the same as before, but more changes could continue to roll out.

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