In The Confusing World of Apple Car Rumors

Now, if you haven’t heard about all the recent Apple Car rumors, you’re definitely living under a rock. Alright, that’s fine, but if you have been following them, you know how confusing they are.

I guess even Apple must’ve been confused on which manufacturer they’d be choosing.

Apple Car rumors floating around are indeed pretty confusing.

All this started in December, the hype for the Apple Car regained momentum when reports started surfacing that Apple is in talks with Hyundai-Kia. But we knew that Apple was going to make a car all the way back in 2014, and learnt that its codename was “Project Titan” with more than 1,000 employees working on it. A Wikipedia article on this explains the situation pretty well.

Then, reports emerged claiming that Apple had paused talks with Hyundai. But it didn’t take long for Apple to be going in talks with numerous other car manufacturers like General Motors and Nissan.

Well, now Nissan has claimed that they are not in any talks with Apple, and its being said that its due to a clash over branding.

I’m pretty sure there will be another car manufacturer in the news soon for being in talks with the Apple Car, and then will later deny it. But all this is confusing, isn’t it?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the Apple Car would launch at the earliest by 2025 to 2027, but some reputed media outlets like Reuters and Bloomberg also gave their word on it, Reuters says that the Apple Car possibly will start production by 2024, while Bloomberg takes the date to 2026-2028.

There’s just a lot going on, we haven’t even got any strong leaks on the Apple Car yet, and its not a small thing either. Nothing might be certain at Apple too. Reports will keep surfacing and whenever the Apple Car actually launches, we’ll all forget the reports which are just increasing the hype in the public and maybe even stress levels at Apple.

One problem with these Apple Car rumors which have recently started floating around is that they aren’t limited to tech enthusiasts, like the iPhone leaks which don’t go very far from the tech community, Apple Car rumors are gaining double the coverage of iPhone or other Apple leaks. That’s because a “car” is not just exclusive to tech, Apple has a big community, technology has a bigger audience, but if you couple that with the car community, that’s a lot of people.

See, I guess you don’t get it; by “community” I mean the people who are related and have the likes of something and are interested to know more about something in common. And a car is something with a seriously large audience (a lot of people own a car, and a lot of people read the news, simple.), and that is the reason for the Apple Car rumor coverage being huge.

Even if you make up your mind to not get into all this news, it will reach you, somehow. But I recommend that don’t get too much into it.

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