UPDATED: Illegal movie-streaming app removed from App Store

Updated: Developers tell Apple TLD that “we are no longer represented in the App Store, but we are trying hard and hope that we will be there again soon”. They suggest that new users install the application on a Mac or PC, or Android device – something we strongly advise against doing.

Apple has seemingly removed the WATCHED app from the App Store months after it was publicised for letting users stream TV shows, movies and series for free.

WATCHED was described as the “ultimate multimedia browser” which let users add ‘bundles’ to view a range of content. The default content, such as TED Topics, was genuine, but it was simple for users to bundle and stream movies and TV shows for free – illegally.

WATCHED received multiple updates before being taken down by Apple. It’s still available on the Google Play Store and Mac at the time of writing. Apple TLD has reached out to WATCHED for a comment.

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