IKEA Smart Blinds Begin Rollout in U.S. to Select Stores

IKEA’s smart blinds were originally supposed to be released to the public earlier this year, but that was not exactly the case. They were set back to release on October 1st, but once more the blinds were not released on the expected date. So once more, IKEA set the blinds to be released “later this fall”.

Image Source: IKEA

To the surprise of most, IKEA began rolling out these smart blinds to certain stores across the United States. Unfortunately, if you do not live near or shop at any of these stores, you may. not be able to purchase the blinds as they are not sold online. Not every store that is selling them will have both 30″ and 32″ inch models. The following stores are carrying the blinds (according to 9to5Mac):

  • Burbank, CA – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Covina, CA – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Fishers, Indiana – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota – 30″ only
  • Draper, Utah – Both 30″ and 32″ sizes

Some people have reported success when ordering the FYTUR blinds by phone, but it is unknown if that method will always work. According to the IKEA online inventory tracker, it appears that other stores across the United States will be selling them on October 20th, but it is unknown if that is the actual truth.

The FYTUR smart blinds by IKEA will not support Apple’s HomeKit as originally promised at first, but IKEA stated that HomeKit support will be added later this fall. Apple TLD will keep you updated about the state of these Smart Blinds.

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