How to install the iOS 13 beta now

Apple’s annual developer conference concluded a week ago. Apple revealed iOS 13 for the iPhones and iPod Touch with major performance improvements along with the much awaited dark mode. The updates include faster face unlock, smaller app downloads, new privacy features, improved Apple Maps and a lot more.

How to get the beta

Apple is offering a beta program for users to check the latest operating system from Apple. You need to register as an Apple Developer to get the beta updates. The iOS Developer Program costs around $99 per year. The free public beta is scheduled to release in the beginning of July and the complete version of iOS 13 with launch in September this year along with the new iPhones.

Risks & Precautions

Apple’s beta releases of the new versions of iOS has gotten more stable over the years. However, it is still a Beta release which means that it is not yet finished. Apps can break, battery life will not be at it’s best and frequent
random restarts are expected. Before you proceed, be sure you have made a total encrypted backup of the iPhone you intend to use for the beta install. If you have problems with the iOS 13 beta or want to roll back your device for whatever reason, you’ll need a backup to restore to.

Which devices are supported?

● iPhone XS & XS Max
● iPhone XR
● iPhone X
● iPhone 8 Plus
● iPhone 8
● iPhone 7 Plus
● iPhone 7
● iPhone 6S Plus
● iPhone 6S
● iPhone SE
● iPod Touch (7th generation)

How to install iOS 13

If you have the Apple Developer Program account, you’ll have to meet one of the other two conditions:

● Have the Xcode 11 beta installed; or
● Have the macOS Catalina beta installed.

You can download and install Xcode, macOS, and iOS betas at the Apple Developer page. As of now, there’s no over-the-air installation of iOS 13 available, so you’ll have to manually install it using iTunes and the download you get from the developer program page linked above. Once the iOS 13 beta file is downloaded and you have either the Xcode 11 beta or the Catalina beta installed, you should be able to install it via iTunes just like you were restoring an iPhone backup.

When will the Public Beta be available?

If you’re not part of the paid Apple Developer Program, you will have to wait for the over-the-air public beta release of iOS 13. Apple said that the iOS 13 public beta will be released in July. In the meantime, head over to Apple’s Beta Software Program signup page and make sure that your device is enrolled so you can get the iOS 13 beta the moment it’s available.

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