HomePod mini to cost $99, new “MagSafe” wireless charger, says highly-accurate leaker

According to Kang, a leaker with a near-perfect 97.8% accuracy, Apple is to be announcing a HomePod mini at the October event, coming in at just $99 and being only 3.3 inches tall. It’s rumored to have Apple’s S5 chip inside, the same chip the Apple Watch Series 5 and SE has.

Kang suggests the HomePod may not be available for preorder until November 6th, with orders beginning to arrive on November 16th. Jon Prosser has also confirmed the announcement of a HomePod mini, however, he did not provide a price.

Kang also reports a new wireless charger will be announced at the October event, named MagSafe and MagSafe Duo. While the name would seem to suggest a return of the charging cable/port, it will actually be a wireless charger like AirPower. The charger will reportedly charge up to 15W, which Kang also says the new iPhone will support. You can see the full list of details Kang leaked for the iPhone 12 series here.

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