Hey Siri, Play Spotify… The Long-Awaited Feature is Here

It’s finally here— the Spotify feature everyone’s been waiting for: Siri integration. Up until now, it wasn’t possible to say “Hey Siri, Play Drake on Spotify.” That was only a feature and big draw of Apple Music. Now with iOS 13, you can ask your phone’s voice assistant to play a specific song, artist, or playlist from your Spotify account. Siri also now works on HomePod and with voice commands in CarPlay. Another new hidden feature in this update? When your phone is in system-wide Low Data Mode, Spotify will automatically turn on Data Saver, the feature which reduces your streaming quality to low fidelity in order to improve data usage.

The lack of Siri support was part of Spotify’s complaint earlier this year wherein they also accused Apple of creating an unfair marketplace by owning the device on which their music streaming service worked and not having to pay the same 30% fee Spotify does for charging subscriptions through the App Store.

In addition to Siri support, Spotify has just released an Apple TV app. The app is very similar in appearance and function to Spotify on other TV Platforms such as Xbox and Roku. They’ve also redesigned the previously cramped-feeling iPad app to take better advantage of the screen real estate now offered on these devices.

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