Hands-on with the Facebook dark mode for iOS

A few weeks ago, Facebook began expanding public testing of dark mode in its iOS and Android apps after first revealing it back in June. Although the dark mode hasn’t been officially released as a new feature, more people are now receiving it without updating.

Dark mode, which, if you have it, can be enabled through the Menu tab, tapping Settings then Dark Mode, inverts the colours of your display from black text on a white background. Thousands of apps now support it – Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have had it for a while. It was first introduced with iOS 13.

The Facebook dark mode is dark grey with lighter grey icons and lines app-wide. It’s generally quite polished, with profiles pages and posts in the feed respecting the mode. We noticed that the dark mode disappears when switching profiles although we’d expect Facebook to fix this before rolling out dark mode to everyone.

Facebook’s web app already has dark mode and its other apps – Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – have had dark mode since earlier this year. The company hasn’t confirmed when it plans to release it publicly.

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