Google rolls out new video editing tools to Photos app on iOS

Google is rolling out new video editing tools to the Google Photos app on iPhone and iPad. They provide advanced controls for editing brightness, contrast and exposure. Users can also crop, change perspective and add filters to videos.

The new features are rolling out through a server-side update. Google Photos, like many other Google apps, hasn’t been updated in the App Store for two months. The lack of updates is likely due to Apple’s privacy nutrition labels that displays the data app developers and their applications collect.

A redesigned editor in Google Photos was first announced in September last year. The new user interface has larger buttons for accessing editing controls and a focus on editing suggestions. It will be available on iOS in the “coming months”, Google says.

The last version of Photos was released in December, so these new editing controls are part of a server-side roll-out that will last for a few weeks.

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