Google Earth works in Edge and Firefox, Safari support is coming

After years of the website being compatible Google Chrome only, Google Earth is now available for users of the Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Firefox and Opera browsers on Mac and Windows.

It comes after Google launched the service on the web just over two years ago. The company today revealed they have been testing it on browsers other than Google’s for over 6 months, using the WebAssembly open web standard. Before this, it used Native Client, only available in Chrome.

Google says they still “have some work to do” before Earth is bought to Apple’s Safari browser for Mac. It’s facing difficulty because Safari doesn’t “properly support” the WebGL2 standard – something that’s still in development for the browser.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find the best experience through using the dedicated Google Earth app, available to download for free. Like the website, it lets you view streets, 3D terrain shots, satellite imagery alongside much more.

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