Fun New Hacks for Your iPhone or Android

Your old devices don’t need to be considered “old” anymore. Repurpose then with these cool tips for your iPhone or Android

Turn your old device into a smart remote

In the age of smart tv and wifi connected devices, you can easily turn your old phone into a brand new remote control. Search the app store for your tv brand and look for a compatible remote. You can also get remotes for non tv devices like an Xbox.

Make your old iPhone or Android a security system

One thing that you can do with your old devices is setup a security system. Personally, I recommend getting the At Home Camera apps. They work on both iOS and Android. You can also view your cameras on the desktop. Check it out here

Baby Monitors

One way that you can monitors your baby while they sleep is with a baby monitor camera. Those can get expensive. One alternative to this is to use the Skype app. Create an account on both devices and watch away!

Wireless Mouse

Say you’re working really hard on a school project and your wireless mouse dies. That was a problem, until now. Check out this really cool app available on iOS and Android by clicking here

Use your old phone as a music player

We all love music here and there. The problem is, music takes up a lot of storage on our phones. So if you have an old device and want some free space on your new phone, just listen to all of your music on the old one. With just deleting a few apps on it, you’ll be good to go with lots of music.

Turn your Android into a Google Home

If you have an old Android and want a Google Home, you’re in luck. All you have to do is connect a bluetooth speaker to the phone. If you are on the latest Android version for the phone, simply say Okay Google (and your command)If you want more tips like this in the future, be sure to follow our Instagram. (@appletld) We provide you with great wallpapers, renders, news, and more.

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