Facebook begins publicly testing dark mode on iOS and Android

Facebook is testing dark mode in its mobile apps with more users after it first began testing the feature back in June. In a tweet, Jane Manchun Wong, who has previously leaked many unreleased features in the past, confirmed the feature is now being publicly tested.

Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are owned by Facebook, have already had updates to support dark mode on iOS and Android. Dark mode was first introduced on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13, with hundreds of apps quick to support it.

Facebook’s EMEA Communications Manager, Alexandru Voica, tells Apple TLD that the company has “been working on it [dark mode] for some time” and “can’t give an exact timeframe at this point”.

Dark Mode can reduce the glare from your device’s screen and makes it easier on the eyes in low-light conditions, why many favour it over the default light mode. People also prefer the white-on-black look as colours pop and it provides a visually cleaner look.

“Dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone by switching the background from white to black. It also lower brightness, while maintaining contrast and vibrancy, which is easier on the eyes especially in low-light environments

Facebook isn’t rolling out dark mode to their app just yet – you’ll have to wait for it to be released to everyone. We’ll let you know when the feature is available to more people.

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