Exclusive hands on with Apple’s “leaked” keynote – hint: it’s not a keynote

Earlier today, Jon Prosser seemingly leaked the unreleased keynote from Apple’s cancelled March event. This tweet was eventually deleted, with the YouTuber claiming that it was meant “to be accessed by internal employees only”. Now, Apple TLD has obtained what Jon claims to be the keynote, and we can confirm it was not the whole presentation from the event.

Instead, it’s for use for Apple Store managers and sales employers – a presentation to be shared by managers to retail employees for specifics of the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini – no other products. The presentations are available on internal portals but Apple TLD will not share them as they are confidential and for internal use only.

Apple TLD’s screenshot of the product presentation for iPad Pro

After looking through the presentations, there is no evidence of the iPhone SE. It’s split up into multiple files, for each new product, so even if there were slides mentioning new iPhones or other devices, these aren’t publicly available. These files also contain old information for previous iPads and Macs, and software features.

The presentations are similar to what could’ve been shown at Apple’s March event. They contain product images and speaker notes, specs, small pointers and videos. We could likely see a sales presentation for the iPhone SE (2020) if it’s released this week.

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