Edge browser now lets you install Chrome themes

A long-standing complaint with the previous version of Microsoft Edge was lack of extension support. With the rebuilt browser, it’s possible to install extensions straight from the Chrome Web Store, which has thousands.

Microsoft has now added support for Chrome themes in Edge. Up until this point, the company has been adamant about preventing third-party themes within the browser. However, to be able to install themes, you need to enable a ‘flag’ and be running the experimental version of Edge.

Install Microsoft Edge Canary to have this option enabled by default. If you’d rather stick with the stable browser, type edge://flags in the address bar and search for ‘allow ins’ on the next page. Click the dropdown menu besides ‘Allow installation of external store themes’ and select enabled.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store and choose a theme you like. Simply click the Install button and the theme will be applied to Edge.

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