Dangerous Apple AirTag Loophole Discovered

Recently, Apple’s latest product, The AirTag, is under the spotlight as a dangerous security loophole was discovered by a German cybersecurity researcher.

Can Apple's New AirTag Be Used To Find A Stolen Car?

A German cybersecurity researcher, that goes by the name ‘stacksmashing’ has found their way into accessing and being able to alter the way the AirTag works.

The German tweeted that he had finally been able to crack into the micro controller of the AirTag after trying for hours.

He later tweeted on what he had achieved to do with the gained access to the AirTags Internals. the researcher was able to change what pops up when the AirTag was scanned by a device and also stated that the micro controller could be re-flashed.

Its only a matter of time where this becomes a bigger problem as people find more and more ways they can change the way the AirTag works and cause bigger issues. Apple is yet to speak out on this, but hopes are high that they act quick.

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