Concept: How Apple could improve used emojis in iOS 15

Apple is currently planning to release the first beta of iOS 15 to developers on June 7. It will be a much awaited update, with some changes to icons and the Control Centre reportedly in the works.

I think Apple needs to improve how emojis can be used and accessed on the iPhone and iPad keyboard, especially the frequently used section. In making this concept, it became clear that there is little customisability in the keyboard and no control. By changing the Frequently Used tab to Favourites, it can be possible to hold on an emoji to ‘pin’ it.

An edit function, similar to wiggle-mode on the Home Screen, could allow users to remove frequently used or favourite emojis they don’t need, or simply re-order them. Removing all emoji from this tab will result in a simple splash screen explaining how the feature works.

We’ll share more ideas and concepts from iOS 15 in the coming weeks ahead of WWDC 2021. If you wish to share this concept, please credit Ben Ward.

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