Comment: Could Apple’s Butterfly keyboard make a comeback?

A leaker that goes by the name of ‘L0vetodream‘ is claiming that Apple is still working on the Butterfly keyboard and is trying to improve the ‘structure’. They claim it could make a comeback in the future.

Apple released the Butterfly keyboard in 2015 with the MacBook Pro and included it on all models of their laptops until late 2019, when they began phasing the return of scissor switches with a new Magic Keyboard. The butterfly keyboards were plagued with reliability and durability programs, with Apple forced to launch a repair program for all MacBooks affected.

It’s fair to say that the launch of the Magic Keyboard on MacBooks was not taken as a miniscule upgrade (it’s clear Apple wanted it to be, though). Users love the deeper key travel and click of the key switches, and it was a good move from Apple.

Apple is very likely continuing to work on improving how butterfly keyboards work, as l0vetodream suggests. But, whilst it will still receive improvements, we won’t see the return of Butterfly for a few years, until Apple’s able to redesign how it works. Then again, they’ll probably release it under a different name, despite the use of that same technology.

It will take years for Apple to confirm that the improvements to the Butterfly keyboard are long-lasting, and, in any case, work on the Butterfly keyboard could be scrapped at any minute. This is more of a diagnostic and internal project: the tech giant will obviously look into what caused the huge amount of issues, and why their original release of the new keyboard tech didn’t make this issue apparent quickly.

Let us know: do you use a MacBook with a Butterfly Keyboard, or have you moved to a newer model? Would you want Apple to release Butterfly mechanisms again?

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