BREAKING: New AirPods Design Leaked


The first image showcasing the next generation AirPods is out, and its from an audio-related blog, 52audio, which has been a major leaker in the AirPods game since it has leaked multiple AirPods related information and even had shared the images of AirPods Pro before launch in 2019. Here’s the leaked image.

The alleged image of the next generation AirPods. Source: 52audio

Now on your first look, you’ll of course notice that these look like a hybrid of AirPods Pro and the first/second generation AirPods, and that’s true. Allegedly, this version of AirPods will be called “AirPods Pro Lite” which isn’t highly likely since Apple hasn’t used the “Lite” branding anywhere before.

52audio has also shared a few renders as well, have a look below.

The leaked renders of the next generation of AirPods. Source: 52audio

In this render, we notice the hybrid design, but also what appears to be ear-tips not joined with the AirPods. 52audio has not mentioned if the ear-tips are a mandatory feature of these AirPods or not, but according to leaks in the past, there weren’t going to be any ear-tips in the next-gen AirPods.

A render from 52audio depicting the charging case of the next AirPods. Source: 52audio

The render above is the charging case, which is not very different from the AirPods Pro charging case since its rectangular in shape and opens horizontally, except its a little smaller.

52audio has also claimed that this version of AirPods will feature new touch controls on its shortened stem.

The price is expected to be around $150, which is not as expensive as the AirPods Pro starting price, at $250 (at launch). The launch date is under conflict by many leakers and analysts, but the dates are expected to be somewhere around March and April.

Clones Before Launch?

I decided to pay a short visit to Alibaba and AliExpress today to check out any clones or anything related to this version of AirPods, and sure enough, I wasn’t dissapointed.

Based on leaks, these Chinese manufacturers start making the products and selling them before launch! Well, nothing different happened with these AirPods. Have a look.


This one is “nice.” A really long name though.
The case and the AirPods design here looks pretty convincing according to the leaked images.
This one is pretty close too.


This one seems to have the measurements, compared to the “Official website.”
Measurements of the AirPods, according to some seller on Alibaba.
“Airpodding new 2020 earbud tws air pro 4 wireless bluetooth…” a very normal name for a product on Alibaba.

Anyway, these clones are really up for sale and they will become much better when the actual AirPods launch. They are nothing to worry about, and definitely not to be trusted in any way.

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