Best Prime Day Deals on Apple Products

It’s July 15th, meaning Amazon’s annual Prime Day is finally here in full swing. This years Prime Day brings some insane deals on our favorite Apple products, including $100 off the new iPad Pro. As the day continues, it’s also likely that the deals will get better and better. Here are some of the best Prime Day deals on Apple products that you need to take advantage of.

Apple Watch Series 3

While the Series 3 is an older model, there are some amazing deals for it as well. The 38mm Space Gray model can now be purchased for $169, a whole $100 cheaper then the usual asking price. The Space Gray and Silver Aluminum 42mm models are now available as well for $199 and $229, down almost $100.

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Apple Watch Series 4

Not only is the Series 3 significantly cheaper, the newer Series 4 is as well. The Series 4 is now $50 lower than the original price for both 40mm and 44mm models, which are usually priced at around $399 and $429. This deal is applicable to many model variations including cell and non-cell.

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Airpods With Wireless Case

While this deal isn’t nearly as significant, it’s still worth mentioning. Both versions of Apples latest AirPods (with and without the wireless charging case) are now available on Amazon for $180 and $145. Sadly, you’re only getting about $19 off the Charging Case, and $14 off the standard model, but it’s still something you might want to check out.

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iPad 32GB

This entry level iPad has seen many deals before, but this year on Prime Day you can buy the 32GB model for only $249, and the 128GB for about $100 off at $329.

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iPad Pro 11-inch Model

Apple’s new iPad Pro is on sale at a number of different retailers. On Amazon you can acquire the 64GB and 256GB models for about $50 off their original price, as well as some additional deals for the higher capacity/cellular models. While this isn’t a crazy deal either, it’s not often you’ll be seeing the iPad Pro models with a price as low as this.

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