Apple’s March 2020 Event. What to expect.

Apple doesn’t hold March events that often, and this year there are rumors that Apple may be holding an event. Considering the Coronavirus outbreak in China and the closures of Apple offices and their supplier factories in China it’s highly unlikely Apple will hold this event in March. But if by any chance they manage to gear up and bring production back on track, here’s what we can expect from Apple this March. There are chances that Apple may just push the announcements for WWDC 2020 or even reveal them through a website refresh and press release.

Updates about services and products.

We can expect a report about how the company performed in the fields of services and other products, including environment updates, etc.

iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2

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There have been a lot of speculations about a lower-end iPhone that focuses on budget markets. Leaks and rumors suggest the budget iPhone would come with an iPhone 8 form factor but upgraded internals maybe matching the specs of an iPhone XR or an iPhone 11. This iPhone should be priced at around $399 for the base storage capacity 64GB. The iPhone 9 is similar to the iPhone SE when it comes to where it fits in the iPhone line-up. We can expect a decent camera or even the same as the iPhone 8. Please read our article about the iPhone 9 to learn more about its specifications.


We can also look forward to getting our first look at Apple’s Tile competitor aka AirTag. This is a tracking device that will leverage the sleek integration of Apple devices and products to make sure that they track whatever they are put on using the new Find My app. It is expected to be very strong on privacy stands and security.

Air Charging Mat

Since Apple failed to bring out its ambitious AirPower to market there are rumours about simpler wireless charging mats from Apple this year. This mat should be able to wirelessly charge one device at a time and will be Qi standard.

Over The Ear Headphones

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Apple subsidiary Beats, makes pretty good headphones but it looks like Apple has their own studio-grade over the ear headphones to offer. This March we may expect these headphones from Apple.

iPad Pro with improved camera abilities

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There may not be much of a change here but if rumors are to be believed we can expect a new iPad Pro with the camera system similar to the iPhone 11 Pro and some minor internal upgrades.

MacBook Pro with better keyboards

Apple released their top of the line MacBook Pro 16-inch last year with improved specs a bigger display, better battery life, and most importantly the new Magic Keyboard. We might see the same update for the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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