Apple Rolling Out Tags in App Store Search Results

Apple is in the process of improving the search results within the App Store by rolling out a new tags feature, that will make it easier to filter apps by type.

As first reported by MacRumors, but seen by users on Twitter in the past few weeks, tags are beginning to appear at the top of App Store search results. These allow you to discover apps by a specific term or category, e.g “collage”, “editor” and “wallpaper” tags appear upon searching for “photos”.

Apple TLD was able to use the feature on an iPhone running iOS 14.4.2, but could not verify that the tags are appearing in the App Store on iPadOS. The change seems to be rolling out server-side and does not require the latest iOS 14.5 beta. Users in the United Kingdom and United States are reportedly seeing the improved search results.

Apple has made smaller server-side changes before in iOS and macOS, with a recent reversal of the block it placed on side-loading unsupported iPhone and iPad apps on an M1 Mac running macOS Big Sur.

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