Apple removes Music Memos app from App Store

Apple has officially discontinued the Music Memos app for iPhone and iPad. It was removed from the iOS App Store on Monday and will no longer appear in search results.

Users who have installed the app in the past can reinstall it through the Purchased section of the App Store. New users will be unable to download it.

The app launched in 2016 and let musicians capture song ideas. It could add a bass line with drums to provide a backing track, and analyse accoustic guitar and piano records.

Apple announced in December that it would be retiring Music Memos, and released one last update which added the ability to export recordings to Voice Memos. It’s clear that Apple believes the vast majority of features from Music Memos are now built into the Voice Memos app which has been improved with recent iOS updates.

iOS 14 bought an ‘enhance audio’ feature which lets users improve the quality of audio recorded with Voice Memos.

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