Apple releases beta version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon

Photoshop can now run on Apple Silicon Macs

Adobe has released the first public beta version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon Macs and ARM-based Windows PCs. The ARM version will allow users of an M1-powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini to run Photoshop natively.

The build is natively supported on Apple Silicon and doesn’t rely on Rosetta 2 translation technology to port the Intel-made version of Photoshop to M1. An ARM version of the software is also available on Windows 10 for devices like the Surface Pro X that have an ARM chip.

Performance should be better but some tools are missing – Adobe says content-aware fill, healing brush, patch tool and others will return in a future update. The company hasn’t mentioned if other Creative Cloud apps will be built to run on ARM, but Photoshop should start the chain of thousands of Apple Silicon and ARM compatible apps to come.

The beta can be downloaded through the beta apps tab in Creative Cloud but should not be used for your main workflow and numerous bugs and glitches are present.

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