[Updated: Battery Fix] Apple releases AirPods Max 3C39 firmware update

Apple has released a new 3C39 firmware update for AirPods Max, replacing the 3C16 firmware that shipped when the headphones launched in December last year.

There are no details or release notes with firmware updates for AirPods, but there have multiple reports of battery drain issues which the 3C39 firmware could address. Apple hasn’t confirmed any major changes or improvements.

To force update your AirPods Max firmware, connect them to a power source and your iPhone or iPad. AirPods Max will check for and install the latest firmware version over the air. You can check what firmware your AirPods are running by going to Settings > General > About and tapping AirPods.

Update #1: According to testing carried out by Twitter user Rambo, Apple has resolved the battery drain issues with the Smart Case. Before and after screenshots show that the battery level drops significantly on the 3C16 firmware. The update also fixes connectivity issues with iOS 14.5.

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