Apple rejects Facebook’s Gaming app for the fifth time

According to The New York Times, Apple has rejected Facebook’s Gaming app for ‘at least’ the fifth time in a row. Facebook submitted the new app to the App Store just last month.

Apple is said to have taken weeks to review the app, and didn’t accept the application. This is the fifth version of the Facebook Gaming app that the company has rejected, citing the App Store rules that prevent apps from distributing games.

Facebook Gaming would effectively be a place to play other games from and Apple sees this as a breach of Section 4.7 of the rules, which says that HTML5 games are permitted but cannot be offered in a “store-like” interface. The first versions of the app presented the games in this fashion.

Facebook have tweaked the design of the app multiple times since the initial review, removing the icons and listings, the option to sort games and setting the games out in a list-view, similar to the main Facebook app.

Google accepted the Android version of the Gaming app in late April, with support for in-app purchases and a catalog of games. At this time, Apple is yet to approve the app for iOS.

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