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With the public launch of iOS 15, Apple has officially updated the web client of iCloud with the latest design and features.

iOS 15 introduced a ton of new features related to the default email service (iCloud Mail) that are available to iCloud+ users. The core functionality of the web tool remains the same, it just features an updated design with some color tweaks and refreshed fonts.

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iCloud Mail recently introduced Hide my Email and Custom Domains which are now available and configureable on the web.

The custom email domain feature allows users to send custom emails from a domain that they own (like By editing a few DNS records, your custom email address will be available within no time (allowed up to 5 domains). This service is very similar to what Google has to offer with Google Workspace.

Another iCloud+ mail feature that launched is Hide My Email. This service allows you to register on apps and websites essentially using a “throw away” email that forwards to your existing emails.

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