Apple could launch AR lenses in the next decade

How about this for a wearable smart device? AR contact lens : Apple World  Today

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has just said that Apple might be coming out with their own AR Contact lenses. Kuo also stated these would take electronics to an “invisible era”.

Kuo claims these will not have any sort of self-computing abilities but would rather depend on an iPhone or an Apple device for it to work. Kuo didn’t give out much but he did say that these weren’t a confirmed product.

These lenses, if released, could be the future of computing. They would revolutionize the way we see the world. For example, someone could be entering a mall or an amusement park and instantly have all the information laid out to them.

With this Kuo also said Apple is going to release their AR Headset somewhere around mid 2022 and also release AR Glasses by 2025. This AR Headset is said to provide an immersive experience to the user and would be a cut above the ones we have today. He also said that they would have heavy integration of video services such as Apple TV.

These are not confirmed, and some people are calling these predictions pointless, but if these turn out to be true, Apple will have a lot in store for us regarding AR and they would be well versed in providing an experience for its users. They could learn from previous ventures such as Google Glass, which did not live up to the promises it made.

With quite an innovative team and such technological advancement, this seems like something Apple could pull off quite easily and flawlessly.

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