Apple could give more details about the Mac Pro at the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit

Every year, an external group separate from Apple holds a Final Cut Pro X summit. The event will be held tomorrow (Thursday 7th November), and is said to feature “surprises from the Apple product team”. Apple is known to participate in the FCP X Summit, even though it’s a third party production – it’s one of the very few Apple take notice to.

On the summit’s website, a teaser shows that it will begin at the Apple Park visitor centre and then feature surprises from Apple’s product development team. This has indeed happened before – notably, in 2017, the company showed people that attended the iMac Pro and its accessories, before release. Last year, Apple set up the latest Final Cut Pro X on the most recent hardware.

It’s nearly certain that Apple will unveil the Mac Pro to the public tomorrow, and give attendees the first look at the pro-computer. We could also see the release date be revealed tomorrow, and a pre-order date.

Alternatively, could we see the 16-inch MacBook Pro? No – we won’t. Apple will not show off a new product that’s meant to be a massive upgrade for their MacBook Pro lineup without announcing at a keynote, or at least on their Newsroom, first.

Apple TLD will be on the lookout tomorrow, diving into what the FCP Summit holds for Apple surprises.

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