Apple confirms most AirPods won’t support lossless audio, HomePod will soon

Apple has confirmed that most AirPods models will not support lossless audio. In a new support document, the company clarified which devices will support the new standard.

AirPods and AirPods Pro will not be capable of transmitting lossless audio wirelessly, because Bluetooth doesn’t support it.

The same applies to AirPods Max, but it will be possible to playback near-lossless audio through the Lightning to 3.5mm cable, although Apple says that “given the analog to digital conversion in the cable, the playback will not be completely lossless.”

HomePod and HomePod mini will receive support in an upcoming software update but will feature Dolby Atmos support for Apple Music at launch.

Apple TV 4K doesn’t support lossless, although Apple’s wording suggests it could be added in the future:

Apple TV 4K currently doesn’t support Hi-Res Lossless (sample rates greater than 48 kHz).

iPhone and iPad models running iOS 14.6 or later, and Macs with macOS 11.4 or later, will also support lossless audio.

Read the support document in full here.

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