Apple begins selling 20W USB-C Power Adapter

Just after today’s event, Apple has started selling 20W USB-C Power Adapters for $19, and it is available for free 2-day shipping. With this release, Apple has also discontinued their 18W power adapter, which came in at a higher $29 price point.

20W USB-C Power Adapter | Apple

Today, Apple killed off the power adapter from all iPhone devices, which not only includes the new models just announced, but also includes all other models in the lineup: iPhone SE, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR. Last month, Apple killed off the included power adapter from the iPad Air, but interestingly, the 10.2-inch iPad still has one included.

Apple says the removal is to help them achieve their environmental goals, and removing the power adapter from iPhones will be equivalent to removing hundreds of thousands of cars from the road every year.

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