Apple announces tvOS 14: Here are the main features

Apple has announced the next version of tvOS at WWDC20. This contains some minor improvements all-round to make the experience more personal and smoother.

Picture in Picture, which was also revealed for iOS 14, lets you watch a video clip, movie, news broadcast or other media whilst playing a game or doing something else.

AirPlay now lets you share 4K videos from the Photos app on an iPhone or iPad, so they display on the Apple TV 4K at the full resolution.

Audio Sharing with AirPods means you can connect multiple pairs of AirPods to an Apple TV. This could be useful when you want to watch a film with someone whilst the family are asleep, for example.

Apple has also resolved a dispute with YouTube, it seems, as tvOS 14 enables YouTube videos to display in their full 4K quality. Previously, YouTube on Apple TV was limited to Full HD.

Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers are also supported by Apple TV for playing games from the App Store or Apple Arcade.

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