Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet gets redesign to compete with 10.2-inch iPad

Amazon has completely relaunched its tablet lineup, with a new Fire HD 10 tablet and new kids-friendly models.

The new model has slimmer bezels and an updated design with 3GB RAM and a brighter 1080p display. It also sports an “octa-core processor”.

A higher-end Fire HD 10 Plus version has 4GB RAM, wireless charging and a more premium finish. This model costs $179.99, $30 more than the standard model.

Amazon is also shipping the new tablets in ‘productivity bundles’, which start at $219.99 and include keyboard cases and a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365.

Meanwhile, Fire OS has been updated with a new split screen multitasking feature, and Amazon has a new Fire Kids Pro tablet lineup, aimed at children with 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch models and kid-friendly features.

Microsoft has also launched its Office apps on Fire tablets for the first time, making it easier to carry out productivity work on the go. You’ll need an active Microsoft 365 subscription to access the full features of the apps.

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