Rumour: AirPods to Get ALS Sensors

Apple’s Airpods could soon be joining the Apple Watch as part of Apple’s ongoing creation of flagship products that help us to focus more on our health, something that Tim Cook has been implementing ever since he took over from Steve Jobs.

AirPods to become health accessories?

Apple Insider suggests that Apple is working to implement ALS (Ambient Light Sensors) in an upcoming AirPods release, most likely to be sometime in late 2021. 

Using these sensors would allow for your heart rate to be detected through the ear, allowing for more accurate results due to less ‘noise’ affecting the readings unlike those taken from the wrist according to Steven LeBeouf, in an article posted by Rachel Metz in MIT Technology Review.

It would also be possible to track respiration rates and internal body temperature but it is not clear if these metrics are in Apple’s pipeline yet or if they would come at a later date.

Future AirPods could track your heart rate and body temperature ...
Apple has patents for health tracking in AirPods

Sources at Digitimes suggest that ASE Technology would be handling the manufacturing of the component.

Pricing for these AirPods can only be guessed at right now but a price tag of $199, or $299 if the tech makes it into the Pro models, does not seem an unreasonable amount, especially as they will rely on the iPhone or Apple Watch to display results.

This shift in focus for the AirPods from just an audio device to a health device is exciting. It is great to see Apple making bold moves to push their involvement in this sector, making consumers aware of there own health and giving them the devices to focus on it with if they so choose without the need for ‘extra’ technology. 

I can’t wait to see how they keep pushing the boundaries and where it leads to in the future of wearables.

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