AirPods Pro case purportedly leaked, release date as soon as next week

New, high-resolution images have appeared on Slashleaks of what appears to be the case for the new, unreleased AirPods Pro that will go alongside the AirPods 2nd-generation.

Previously leaked images were bad quality but suggested the same case design as this image does. However, multiple sources are claiming this is a fake, Chinese clone, and, although likely accurate, shouldn’t be fully believed. The images show a wider but smaller case than the current generation, that will fit the in-ear, noise-canceling earbuds.

In addition to this ‘leak’, Spectrum Report is claiming that Apple will release the new AirPods as soon as next week, citing sources such as Ben Geskin, famous concept artist and leaker. The new earphones will come with improved sound features, an in-ear design and $260 price tag to go alongside the ‘Pro’ naming.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Apple’s Newsroom for a press release. Will you purchase the AirPods Pro at the increased price? Let us know on our social media and in the comments below.

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