Adobe Fresco app updated with multi-layer drag and drop, new brushes and more

Adobe has updated the Fresco app on iPhone and iPad with new brushes, multi-layer drag and drop and other new features. Fresco is a drawing and painting-based app for artists with over 1,000 brushes, selection and masking tools and time-lapse support.

Support for dragging and dropping multiple layers at once has been added, allowing you to move layers to a different location quickly. You can tap ‘Select multiple’ to tap on each layer you want to move.

Adobe has included new brushes for Spring 2021, from American illustrator and designer Kyle T. Webster, which include special effects and speck marks. It has also added the ability to show or hide the nudge tool.

The update is now available from the App Store. New users can download the app for free with in-app purchases to a premium version also available.

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