Kuo: 9-inch iPad mini and 10.8-inch iPad coming, Apple Glasses in 2022

Could this be the 2020 budget iPad?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has today released a report focusing on new iPad models expected either this year or next. He also suggests Apple Glasses will be released in 2022, “at the earliest”.

Apple could launch a new iPad mini that has a larger screen of between 8.5-inches and 9-inches, up from the current 7.9-inches. This is expected in 2021, with Kuo saying it could sell well due to “the affordable price tag and the adoption of fast chips”. Apple released the iPhone SE earlier this year for $399, with the latest A13 Bionic found in the 11 Pro, so it’s a move that works.

A 10.8-inch iPad could be seen in the second-half of 2020, likely in the Autumn. It’s not known if Apple intends to refresh the iPad Air or the budget 10.2-inch iPad, but an update on the latter is more likely. In terms of design, the bezels could shrink, but could we see Touch ID in the screen? It’s hard to interpret how Apple could keep the display bezels even whilst including a display of this size.

Both upgrades will likely bring faster A12Z or A13 chips and internal hardware improvements.

Kuo also claims Apple will release the Apple Glasses in the next two years, citing 2022 as “the earliest”. He says Apple is finding it difficult to manufacturer these, so we could see additional delays.

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