23-inch iMac coming soon, says report, could be same size as 21.5″

Apple TLD concept of new iMacs

A new report from the China Times has said that Apple is set to release a new 23-inch iMac later this year, alongside a new 11-inch iPad Air (we covered the latest leaks in our article).

It could be released in Q4 of this year, or into 2021, and be produced slightly earlier. The refresh will come after a minor spec bump to 9th-generation processors in March 2019.

The report says it could have a 23-inch screen, which could suggest that the physical size of the iMac body will be the same as the current 21.5″ model, just with thinner bezels and other design changes. It’s been over eight years since the last major design refresh, and the iMac is in urgent need of a change in this area.

Apple could also release a 29 inch model as an upgrade to the current 27″, but we’ve just made that assumption based on the changes to screen size rather than physical chassis. It could also be possible that Apple reveals this at WWDC this June.

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