2020 iPhone SE design seemingly leaked in updated icon

Apple leaked AirTags in a now-deleted support video, the iPhone SE on an Apple Store product listing, and now it seems that the device’s design has been revealed. Twitter user iDeviceHelp has posted an image of the Apple Support app showing the wrong icon for a 2016 iPhone SE.

The icon, as pointed out by him, shows an iPhone 6, 7 or 8 and matches that of the larger iPhone models listed in the screenshot. Usually, the icon would be smaller and feature more prominent edges.

It’s also unclear why this shows up on the previous SE – the new model hasn’t even been released yet. The different icon is likely a bug on Apple’s side, or an edited picture. This is unlikely – the Twitter account represents a large YouTube channel.

What do you think? Either way, the 2020 iPhone SE is definitely coming, and we know most of the details already, but now it’s just a waiting game.

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