UK government to give 11,000 iPads to care homes amid pandemic

The UK government is providing 11,000 iPads to residents of care homes accross the country to support them through the coronavirus pandemic, in another move to protect care homes from suffering badly from the disease.

Matt Hancock, the country’s Health Secretary, said this will allow residents to “connect with loved ones, & help to stop coronavirus outbreaks in their tracks”. Thousands of elderly and vunlerable people living in care homes have been living alone and unable to communicate with family and friends since the coronavirus lockdown came into effect in March.

These tablets will be the gateway for so many residents to connect with loved ones, and allow staff to quickly access digital NHS services and information, to help stop Covid-19 outbreaks in their tracks

The move means that some will be provided with an iPad in case of a second coronavirus outbreak in the U.K and will allow them to video chat and message friends and family. It will come at a cost of £7.5 million and care homes that don’t have modern devices will be prioritised.

Every iPad will come with a support package and SIM card to allow for mobile data connections if care homes don’t have internet access.

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