Why Will the iPhone 11 Have a Centered Apple Logo?

Something consistent with every iPhone ever is the Apple logo and text on the back identifying it, that reads “iPhone”. But, in the latest refresh of the phone, the iPhone 11 series, Apple has decided to remove that text in favor of centering Apple’s logo.


Centering the logo and removing the iPhone label makes it more aesthetically pleasing, making the space on the back of the phone look balanced and less cramped. This also may help the phone’s look, since adjustments have to be made to accommodate the phone’s larger camera module. Some previous reports have speculated the change in position of the logo was made to reflect the reverse/device-to-device wireless charging contact point, but that have proven to be false as the iPhone 11 doesn’t support this feature.

Does It Matter?

Overall, this adjustment won’t make much of a difference to anyone, and doesn’t affect the functionality of the phone. But it does signal a small yet important change in the direction of the iPhone and smartphones in general.

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