Where’s iTunes? 5 Tricks to Listen to Music & Podcasts on Catalina

MacOS Catalina running the new Apple Music, TV, and Podcasts apps

You hate it. It seems like the bane of your existence, with it’s clunky, outdated UI and scatterbrained appearance. But you have to use it, you can’t avoid it. Why? Because inside it lives your entire digital life— your movies, ebooks, podcasts, music.

Maybe you’ve noticed it. iTunes has become a waste pile of updates slapped over old and deprecated code. It’s slow, non-functional, and just about everyone hates it. And why’s the iOS sync function buried in there? Enter macOS Catalina. While it’s true, Apple has removed iTunes, the functionality of the late app has been delegated to three new ones. Here’s how to transition all your music and podcast listening and eBook reading to Catalina without missing a beat.

The New Apple Music App

Just like iOS, Mac now has a dedicated Music app. The macOS Apple Music app has a similar layout to iTunes, but with some refreshments, and not nearly as much clutter. You’ll notice right away how smooth and responsive the new app feels, especially when compared to its predecessor.

Getting started with your Mac’s new Apple Music app is easy. Simply hit the icon in the Dock, sign in with your Apple ID, and hit the “Get Listening” button to automagically import everything you had going for you in iTunes. Then and you’re off and running! You can also sign up for Apple Music ($9.99/£9.99/AU$11.99 per month) from the app and take advantage of its famous 3-month free trial if you haven’t already.

Is My Music Safe?

Although the new app is different and may take a bit of getting used to, don’t worry. All of the music you’ve previously bought or imported to iTunes is still there, and so are your playlists. You haven’t lost a thing. You can also still buy music through the app’s built-in iTunes Store tab (on the left side panel) using any payment methods or gift cards you have on file.

What About TV Shows & Movies?

The new Apple TV app is the one-stop-shop for your favorite TV series and movies bought on iTunes, and soon, video content streamed from Apple TV+ when the service launches October 1. You can now also rent or buy movies from the Apple TV app instead of previously, the iTunes Store.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

Any audiobooks you purchased or podcasts you subscribed to will be available in the new Podcasts or Apple Books apps, respectively. You can now subscribe to new podcasts, or purchase new e- or audio-books from their dedicated apps.

Are You Ready For The Learning Curve?

There isn’t one, really. While the dispersion of iTunes’ responsibilities to these new apps is definitely a notable change, for many users the learning curve will prove to be minimal or nonexistent. This is because Mac hasn’t randomly created some entirely new never-before-seen by mankind apparatus. They’ve just simply adopted the iOS system of organization for digital content. So, for the many Mac users who are also fans of its mobile counterpart, this change won’t take much getting used to.

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