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With streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, streaming your favorite TV shows has never been easier. Every year the quality of modern television becomes better and better, making TV of the biggest industries in the world. While these streaming platforms have downright flawless originals and other shows, most TV series tend to wrap up their seasons just before summer hits, leaving you with nothing to watch. In this article we will go over some of the hottest TV shows that will make your summer pop.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a wild TV series that took the internet by storm upon it’s release in 2011. With Black Mirror every episode incorporates a completely different story, plot, and cast, making it a show that never gets old. Black Mirror taps into murder, AI, simulation, and so much more. While most episodes involve technology or the future in some sort of way, there’s an episode for everyone. Thankfully Black Mirror just dropped their 5th season, which critics call their best one yet. Featuring only three hour long episodes, the new season won’t keep you busy for long, but if you’re new to Black Mirror, this summer is the perfect time to catch up.


Dark is a mystery-drama Netflix original that was first released back in 2017, and almost instantly became a hit. Dark is about the mysterious events that occur after two children go missing in small German town. Each character has a connection to the town’s troubled history, and as the story unfolds it becomes even more dark and twisted with every episode. Dark also just dropped their second season, making this a perfect show to include on the list.

The OA

The OA still continues to be one of my favorite TV shows i’ve seen, and it’s likely you’ll finish it feeling the same way. Season 2 was also released a few months ago, giving you a good amount of watch time. The OA is about the disappearance of a girl named Prairie Johnson. Years after Prairies disappearance, she returns, and what they discover changes everything: when Prairie returned, she was no longer blind. What seems like a miracle turns into an unfathomable phenomenon that is hard to grasp. From interdimensional travel to undercover spies and talking squids, The OA isn’t a show you’ll want to miss.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things first aired in 2016, and like many of the shows on this list- broke the internet. Stranger Things involves the disappearance of Will Byers (there seems to be a common theme here) and the strange events that occur both during and after his return. A small group of children end up getting themselves into a mess no one saw coming, and every episode will leave you on the edge of your seat. Stranger Things will also be dropping their third season this July, giving you some time to catch up before binging season 3. Lets just say if you’re into demons, aliens, other dimensions, or telekinetic teenagers, Stranger Things is a show you’ll want to check out.

Good Girls

Sometimes aliens, talking squids and superpowers are too much to handle, sound like you? Good Girls might be the perfect comedy for you. This show was only released in February of 2018, but already has 2 amazing seasons. Good Girls is about three friends who are desperate to make some extra cash after their financial struggles with their families, so they decide to take control of their lives — by robbing a grocery store. New to the world of crime, they get pulled in deeper than they ever imagined, and the only way out will be together. Good Girls is a comedy you don’t want to miss.

The Good Place

The Good Place is also a relatively new comedy that was first released in 2016, and is confirmed for a fourth season as far as us viewers know. The Good Place is about a young adult named Eleanor who finds herself in the good side of the afterlife, but soon realizes there’s been a mistake. The season consists of Eleanor trying to become a better person so that she can stay in the Good Place, but there ends up being a plot twist that changes the entire series, and you won’t see it coming. The Good Place is a perfect blend of comedy, action, adventure, and even love. 

On My Block

On My Block is the perfect summer show which now has 2 seasons after it’s original release in March 2018. On My Block follows the adventures of four street-savvy friends throughout their highschool years including sadness, triumph, and even death. Every day is a battle in their predomedently Hispanic LA neighborhood, with gangs, guns, drugs, and so much more. This coming-of-age comedy/drama is one that will leave you speechless.

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