watchOS 6: Apple TLD Review

watchOS 6 is the perfect companion for iOS 13. All the new features on top of the existing ones, makes it the best smartwatch there is on the market. While everyone may have different opinions on certain things, ours is definitely strong for watchOS 6 (especially for still being in beta).

What’s New

So watchOS 6 is a major improvement from all of the other versions. It includes brand new apps, more health features, new watch faces, an App Store, and more. A lot of the features in the current beta were never in a previous beta.

My Favorite Features

We’re really enjoying watchOS 6 so far. It’s been a wonderful experience for the week or so that we’ve had it installed.

Here are my favorite features so far:

• watchOS App Store

• Voice Memos

• Calculator

• New Watch Faces

Now out of all the many great things released, the voice memos and calculator app are by far our favorite. I like being able to quickly take audio notes on my wrist as well as doing quick calculations. The fact that the calculator app allows for tip calculations makes the whole experience even better.

Final Review

We would give watchOS 6 an 8/10. I give it that score because there are a few apps that they could’ve added in our opinion. It is also very stable and that’s another reason why it got such a high rating from us.

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