Vectornator for iOS and Mac updated with major fixes and personalised UI

The developers of the free vector-design app Vectornator have released version 3.3.4 containing bug fixes for issues in the previous versions and the ability to customise the user interface to suit your liking.

With User Onboarding, Vectornator will ask you a series of questions on the first launch of the app, related to what you use it for, the theme and how you want the UI to look, and personalise the app’s look. For example, you can choose if you want a larger, zoomed-in user interface (good for smaller devices like the iPad mini) or the standard one. This can be enabled through the ‘Zoomed Interface’ option in the Settings panel.

Vectornator once again works with Figma and authentication issues from previous versions have been resolved. File importing from that platform is also “smoother than ever before”.

Rulers and Guides have received numerous updates, including the removal of “disruptive” popups. You can also prioritise selected objects. A full list of fixes and changes is available here.

Vectornator is available from the App Store for iOS, iPadOS and macOS for free.

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