Target inventory also adds new iPods, Apple TV’s, and Apple Watch Bands.

In addition to the recently discovered ‘AirPods X Generation‘ in the Target inventory system, employees have also found references to even more Apple products. 9to5mac has received images showing the Target inventory system with even more dummy Apple products listed. The employees state that companies will often place dummy products into the system with a “code name” but the price is typically correct.


From this picture, you can note “iPod Touch X Generation”, “Apple TV Gen X”, as well as “Apple Watch Series X Band”. There are three listings for the Apple Watch bands and four entries for the supposed new Apple TV which could possibly indicate multiple storage options and different colors. The bands are priced at $49 according to the images, and the Apple TV is listed as $179, the same price as the current 32 GB Apple TV 4K. The iPod touch is listed in the system at $399, which has the same retail price as the current highest-end iPod touch 256 GB model.

The “X” in the naming is just a placeholder until Apple releases these products to the public. We will be sure to keep you updated on these products and more leaks revolving around them. What do you think? Let us know below and on social media.

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