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There’s a new app in town, this time focusing on sports. Stadium Live aims to make sports more fun for everyone! You earn coins by playing in matches and they can then be cashed out for real rewards. All for FREE.

Stadium Live is building a digital world for sports fans all around the world. It is a mobile app that lets you:

  • 😎 Create unique avatars around sports
  • 🏀 Follow live scores and matches
  • 🔥 React and chat with other fans in the room
  • 🤑 Earn coins by playing question drops and mini-games
  • 🛍️ Shop avatar items and sports-related items

That’s not all Stadium Live has to offer. Let’s dribble in a little more and break down the app.

Home Screen

This is where everything match wise happens. Right up top, you can see all of the matches that you’ve subscribed to. When you subscribe to a match, you can play along with it as well as receive notifications on what is going on.

Stadium Live Home Screen

As of now, the app currently allows you to play in three different leagues. Those are NBA, INT, and EPL. They do plan to add support for more leagues and sports in the future.

At a glance, you can view everything you need to know about a game and what is going on (such as score and time remaining). Whenever you tap on a game, that is where the magic of Stadium Live begins.

In The Game

Once you tap on a game from the main screen, you then have your head in the game. 😉 From here, you can chat with other players who are watching the game and stayed updated live. Near the top, you can see live updates from the game as well as tweets and videos from both of the teams.

In a game

With a simple button click next to the chat, you can learn all about the teams as well as read the stadium prediction. It also highlights the key players.

Stadium Live Team Stats


One thing that really sets Stadium Live apart from the other sports apps in the amount of customization possibilities you have. You have the ability to customize every aspect of your avatar from the socks on your feet, to the hat upon your head. The possibilities are essentially endless. Oh, and you can even have props next to your avatar! Check out our avatar for Apple TLD below!

Apple TLD Avatar

When you first get the app, you have a pretty great amount of customization options available in your locker. You can purchase even more items to wear from the shop using the coins that you earn from matches. You even have the ability to add your favorite song to your profile so whenever someone goes to your profile, they hear it!

On your profile, you have the ability to view all of the games you have played as well as your overall stats, achievements, and teams you enjoy.

Profile Screen


Within Stadium Live, you have the option to join a squad. In a squad, you can chat with other members as well compete for the top spot. One of the coolest features of Squads is the DJ ability. Anyone in the Squad can take the AUX to play music for all in your Squad to hear. Best part of all, it’s free!

Stadium Live TV & Topics

With Stadium Live TV, you can check out cool videos form all over the internet curated by the Stadium Live team. They have also teamed up with Snapchat to feature Snapchat stories to bring you even closer to the game.

Also on this page, they have topics. You can answer a series of questions to earn even more coins and XP!

Stadium Live TV & Topics

Overall Review

Overall Stadium Live is a fantastic app! The app has grown so much from the beginning and so many new features are arriving every week. This is a must have app for any sports fan that wants to get rewarded for playing games and connect with other fans. I 100% recommended that you try it even if you’re not the biggest fan of sports. It is worth it!

How to Get The App

The Stadium Live app is available for free on the Apple App Store. You can download it by clicking here. Once you are in the app, you will need an invite code. Don’t worry though, as we have one setup for you. Use code: appletld Want to join our Apple TLD Squad? Click here.

Have fun and see you in the Stadium!

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